Sorella Grande – The Pole House Big Sister

Welcome to Sorella Grande. Italian for Big Sister, Sorella Grande sits proudly overlooking the iconic Pole House. This incredible slice of modern architecture opens its doors to one, two or three couples (if The Pole House is included) seeking a destination escape shrouded in luxurious surrounds, breathtaking views and an abundance of features and facilities. Designed by renowned architect company F2, Sorella Grande is a classic combination of stone and wood. Polished concrete meets burnt Victorian Ash timbers creating a warm palate of cutting edge minimalist surrounds. Open plan living expands onto a protected, purpose built alfresco dining area, complete with built-in outdoor log fire. Kitchen and dining areas are spacious and both complement one another with stylish furnishings and quality appliances, making it clear that no expense has been spared. Working towards the main lounge and master bedroom, the iconic Pole House and southern ocean beyond become a focal point and offer a somewhat surreal experience. Double sliding, double glazed doors offer the ability to keep your surrounds in or out. A further built in feature allows for the whole living zone to become a cinema with the aid of black out curtains, 130 projection screen and custom built surround sound. Other prestigious features include internal elevator, hydronic in-slab heating & lockup garage. Without doubt, Sorella Grande is for those looking for the very best in luxury coastal accommodation.



1200 Gor

Some homes are simply houses, some are sanctuaries, others mere bricks and mortar. But some homes are the stuff of dreams, catching the heart and capturing the imagination…

Welcome to 1200 Great Ocean Road, Big Hill. Perched high above the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean, embraced by the lush, vertiginous splendour of the Otway rainforest, this magnificent home, owner designed in concert with Woods Bagett, will literally take your breath away. As elemental, and mercurial as the Australian bush itself, 1200 GOR holds a mirror to its awe-inspiring environment. Natures raw dynamism is reflected in the homes appointments, fittings and design, from the stunning gallery-quality art collection, to the sympathetic layout blending seamlessly with its landscape, to the fully automated control system which makes everything available at the touch of a button.

The home utilises cutting edge hybrid energy systems, sustainable materials and construction methods, and is 100% rainwater fed to ensure its Eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint ethos is exercised inside and out. Yet, while wilderness is so poetically expressed between its walls, 1200 GOR does not compromise on luxury. Your every whim and desire is and will be catered for. So open the door, step inside, and let yourself dream…

1200 GOR is available on an enquiry only basis. All requests will be contacted directly within 24 hours.